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Why get computer training?
Most people undertake computer training because they need to quickly obtain a specific skill or understand a software package. After trying to teach themselves they realise that having somebody instruct them is a much better option, because computer skills aren't always intuitive.

Do you offer customized courses?
Yes, we are happy to customise any course for an individual or a group of employees in your organization. Please send us an email with your specific training needs.

How long is you computer training?
A minimum of 2 hours but you can take longer, perhaps 3, 4 or more hours. It is up to you - a short course or a whole day.

Can I use my own computer?
Yes, if you have the software installed.

I have a MAC. Do you offer training for MAC users?
Yes, our tutor has been using Macs since 1985 and PC’s since 1995 when Windows ’95 first made an appearance. She was Training Manager at Apple for a number of years. By the way, did you know that Microsoft Office was first programmed for Macs back in the 80's?

Do you supply training notes?
Yes, all our courseware is written for your customised training to cover the topics you have learnt in the training session.

What is your cancellation policy?
If training is cancelled at short notice or there is a no show, then this may prevent us from booking out that time to another client and thus incur loss of income. Therefore any training cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice prior to the session time, will incur payment in full for the course. Cancellations should be made by email.

I don't see the computer software that I am looking for. Can you still help me?
Yes, just contact us and let us know which software you require training for. If we cannot assist then we will find someone who can.

Why provide computer training for your employees?
Productivity. Properly trained employees do their jobs more effectively. Providing computer skills to your staff will result in fewer calls to a help desk.
Employee loyalty. Surveys often show that employees value skill development as much as they value an increase in salary.

Why should I take instructor-led computer training when I can take computer classes online or self-study?
Learning computer skills may not be intuitive. Some people may be able to teach themselves a few steps along the way, but it won't be the same as sitting next to a friendly tutor in a hands-on computer session. There is a big advantage to having a real person in the room with you, someone very experienced in the subject, somebody who can explain things properly, and guide you down the correct path. With self-study you can't ask a book a question and get an answer! With on-line training the interaction between student and instructor is challenging, to say the least. So book a training session with us and you will be on your way to learning your chosen software.