Photo Editing, Restoration & Artwork

Welcome to the world of professional Photoshoping!

Our digital photo restoration service can repair and enhance your special photographs to preserve them for generations to come - from retouching or manipulating an image to enhance or change it, right through to restoring old or damaged photos. We also undertake imaging for advertising, marketing and websites.  Logos, banners and business card imaging is also offered.

Photo Restoration on:

  • old, creased, damaged and torn photos
  • faded, scratched, mouldy photos
  • photos with scratches, pen marks, stains

Photo Enhancement:

  • colour adjustments
  • adjustments to contrast, brightness, hue
  • add text to photos
  • remove red eye, skin blemishes
  • real estate photo editing

Photo Manipulation:

  • remove people and objects
  • combine elements of two photos
  • add text to photos
  • change background and foreground objects
  • straighten crooked images
  • Real Estate imaging


  • original artwork for advertising, etc.
  • wedding photo collages

Wedding Collage Example

© Our clients always hold the copyright to their images, we do not claim any copyright to edited and/or retouched images submitted by clients.

PS: All images on this website have been created by our photo editor, and the home page slideshow images are collages of text, icons, backgrounds and effects. The 30 year seal on the last slideshow image was also created by us in Illustrator.